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I do not represent any company or group regarding the health issues I discuss on this website other than a supplement company which makes no claims supporting my statements. I am not getting paid or reimbursed for this information. The opinions stated are mine alone, and not intended to diagnose or treat any individual. If you have symptoms, please see your individual healthcare practitioner. Everything I say or write is my own personal opinion and does not reflect the position of any organization of which I am affiliated. I have to say this because I do not want people to get the impression that the organizations I work with in any way, shape, or form take my position. Everybody has their own opinions, obviously, and some people are a little bit more out there than others.

On the record, as a doctor of Chiropractic, the Board of Healing Arts and other legislation demands that I suggest you talk to your medical doctor and/or lawyer before taking my advice and/or acting on my opinion. As a Christian, I would suggest you have a heart to heart talk with the Master Physician, God, about these issues. Pray for discernment and make your decisions wisely. This, of course, is your option.

As a Chiropractor (and for that matter all healthcare providers), we take what is called the Hippocratic Oath which in short states to, “first do no harm and to inform the public on the truth about health issues” to the best of our knowledge. I am taking a different approach on the establishment of this website to take a major stand on the chaos of 2020 to instill hope and peace in society, as opposed to the fear and anxiety we have endured this year. I take my oath very seriously and I believe with all my heart that God called me to finally stand up and take major action (I looked around and did not see much of this happening) and spread the truthful information as I know it and have received from the elite of the healthcare world.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Forrest Saxon, DC

Scripture of the Week:

“I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13 NKJV

General Quote of the Week:

“Be proactive.” - Stephen Covey

Patriotic Quote of the Week:

“When the people fear government there is tyranny, when the government fears people there is liberty.” - Thomas Jefferson